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Media Coverage: Personal ProfileThe Washington Post (EMNLP 2023 LLM Hallucinations Paper)AIM (ECIR 2024 MedSumm Paper)AIM (GAT Paper)YourStory (Indic LLMs)AIM (State of LLMs)

Gaussian Adaptive Attention is All You Need: Robust Contextual Representations Across Multiple Modalities (Media Coverage by Analytics India Magazine)

Refining Text-to-Image Generation: Towards Accurate Training-Free Glyph-Enhanced Image Generation

"Sorry, Come Again?" Prompting -- Enhancing Comprehension and Diminishing Hallucination with [PAUSE]-injected Optimal Paraphrasing

FACTOID: FACtual enTailment fOr hallucInation Detection

A Survey of AI-generated Text Forensic Systems: Detection, Attribution, and Characterization

Breaking Down the Defenses: A Comparative Survey of Attacks on Large Language Models

Exploring the Frontier of Vision-Language Models: A Survey of Current Methodologies and Future Directions

ClaimVer: Explainable Claim-Level Verification and Evidence Attribution of Text Through Knowledge Graphs

Born With a Silver Spoon? Investigating Socioeconomic Bias in Large Language Models

Exploring the Impact of Large Language Models on Recommender Systems: An Extensive Review

PHAnToM: Personality Has An Effect on Theory-of-Mind Reasoning in Large Language Models

Cause and Effect: Can Large Language Models Truly Understand Causality?

Source-Free Domain Adaptation with Diffusion-Guided Source Data Generation

From Prejudice to Parity: A New Approach to Debiasing Large Language Model Word Embeddings

On the Relationship between Sentence Analogy Identification and Sentence Structure Encoding in Large Language Models

Post-training Embedding Alignment for Decoupling Enrollment and Runtime Speaker Recognition Models

The Troubling Emergence of Hallucination in Large Language Models -- An Extensive Definition, Quantification, and Prescriptive Remediations (Citations: 25+) (Media Coverage by The Washington Post)

Counter Turing Test (CT^2): AI-Generated Text Detection is Not as Easy as You May Think - Introducing AI Detectability Index (ADI) (Outstanding Paper Award)

FACTIFY3M: A Benchmark for Multimodal Fact Verification with Explainability through 5W Question-Answering

Are Personalized Stochastic Parrots More Dangerous? Evaluating Persona Biases in Dialogue Systems

MedSumm: A Multimodal Approach to Summarizing Code-Mixed Hindi-English Clinical Queries (Media Coverage by Analytics India Magazine)

Developing a Framework for Auditing Large Language Models Using Human-in-the-Loop

AuditLLM: A Tool for Auditing Large Language Models Using Multiprobe Approach

A Systematic Survey of Prompt Engineering in Large Language Models: Techniques and Applications (Citations: 10+)

Dynamic Corrective Self-Distillation for Better Fine-Tuning of Pretrained Models

CLIPSyntel: CLIP and LLM Synergy for Multimodal Question Summarization in Healthcare

The What, Why, and How of Context Length Extension Techniques in Large Language Models -- A Detailed Survey

A Comprehensive Survey of Hallucination Mitigation Techniques in Large Language Models (Citations: 10+)

SEPSIS: I Can Catch Your Lies -- A New Paradigm for Deception Detection

Improved Contextual Recognition In Automatic Speech Recognition Systems By Semantic Lattice Rescoring

Can LLMs Augment Low-Resource Reading Comprehension Datasets? Opportunities and Challenges

Transcending Domains through Text-to-Image Diffusion: A Source-Free Approach to Domain Adaptation

RESTORE: Graph Embedding Assessment Through Reconstruction

Generative Data Augmentation using LLMs improves Distributional Robustness in Question Answering

CONFLATOR: Incorporating Switching Point based Rotatory Positional Encodings for Code-Mixed Language Modeling

Causality Guided Disentanglement for Cross-Platform Hate Speech Detection

Seeing the Pose in the Pixels: Learning Pose-Aware Representations in Vision Transformers

Breaking Language Barriers: A Question Answering Dataset for Hindi and Marathi

PEACE: Cross-Platform Hate Speech Detection -- A Causality-guided Framework

ANALOGICAL -- A New Benchmark for Analogy of Long Text for Large Language Models

FACTIFY-5WQA: 5W Aspect-based Fact Verification through Question Answering

IMAGINATOR: Pre-Trained Image+Text Joint Embeddings using Word-Level Grounding of Images

Facial Expression Recognition using Squeeze and Excitation-powered Swin Transformers

Findings of Factify 2: Multimodal Fake News Detection (Citations: 10+)

Factify 2: A Multimodal Fake News and Satire News Dataset (Citations: 15+)

Overview of Memotion 3: Sentiment and Emotion Analysis of Codemixed Hinglish Memes

Memotion 3: Dataset on sentiment and emotion analysis of codemixed Hindi-English Memes

I See What You Hear: A Vision-Inspired Method to Localize Words

Few-shot Multimodal Multitask Multilingual Learning

iReason: Multimodal Commonsense Reasoning using Videos and Natural Language with Interpretability

iPerceive: Applying Common-Sense Reasoning to Multi-Modal Dense Video Captioning and Video Question Answering (Citations: 35+)

iSeeBetter: Spatio-Temporal Video Super-Resolution using Recurrent Generative Back-Projection Networks (Citations: 30+)

Comparative Study and Optimization of Feature-Extraction Techniques for Content Based Image Retrieval (Citations: 120+)

Face Recognition Using Discrete Cosine Transform for Global and Local Features (Citations: 80+)

Dual-Layer Video Encryption using RSA Algorithm (Citations: 20+)

ARC Sort: Enhanced and Time Efficient Sorting Algorithm

Text-Independent Speaker Recognition for Low SNR Environments with Encryption

Analysis of a Modern Voice Morphing Approach using Gaussian Mixture Models for Laryngectomees

A robust, low-cost approach to Face Detection and Face Recognition

Audio Watermarking with Error Correction

Design and Simulation of an 8-bit Dedicated Processor for calculating the Sine and Cosine of an Angle using CORDIC Algorithm

Rotation, Scaling and Translation Analysis of Biometric Signature Templates

Multi-Personality Partitioning for Heterogeneous Systems

Snow Avalanche: Study and Detection using Remote Sensing Techniques

Optimization Techniques for 160 GBPS WDM Optical Links to Minimize Nonlinear Effects

Performance Analysis of WDM-based Optical Communication Systems in presence of Kerr Nonlinearities

Compensation of Self Phase Modulation by Anomalous Dispersion in Nonlinear Optical Communication Systems